News: 123 countries sign declaration on climate and health at COP28


What's in the news?

       Every year, annual deaths from polluted air affect about 9 million people and 189 million people are exposed to weather-related events each year.

       Against this backdrop, at the COP28 climate talks, 123 countries signed a ‘COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health’.


Key takeaways:

       The declaration was announced at the World Climate Action Summit, according to the COP28 official website. 

       “The declaration was developed with the support of a number of ‘country champions’ including Brazil, Malawi, the UK, the Netherlands, Kenya, Fiji, Egypt, Sierra Leone, and Germany,” the website says.


Declaration on Climate and Health:

       The declaration encourages governments to protect communities and prepare healthcare systems to handle health issues caused by climate-related impacts like extreme heat, air pollution, and infectious diseases.


Signed by:

       The declaration has been signed by 123 countries.

       India and the US are not the ones among these countries.


Reason for India not signing the declaration:

       India has not signed the declaration as the draft talks about going beyond the health sector and ensuring de-carbonisation to reduce emissions.

       This links certain aspects of our healthcare system such as cold storage for vaccines to carbon emissions, which India opposes.