Miss P.Kumareswari

Founder & Former Director


P.L.Raj Memorial study circle, the first institution started by a woman in Tamil Nadu to train youngsters for civil service examination, was by Ms. Kumareswari Periyasami in the memory of Mr. P. Lingaraj, a man with vision to serve the nation.
He was born in a village named Sivaloor (Udangudi) in Tutucorin district to Thiru Periyasami and Smt Sundarapushpam. Being a visionary he identified that lack of integrity and official negligence is the major reason for county’s poverty and misery.
He wanted to up-root it by educating youths to serve the Nation with clean hands, so he encouraged them to take up service oriented examination.
He encouraged youth to dedicate their life to nation building activities. He organized youth camps, skill training programmes and sports events for youth. He encouraged parents from his locality to educate their children. He rendered exemplary service to the rural people of Udangudi in Tuticorin and Udumalaipet in Tirupur district.
He even asked his parents to dedicate the life of two of their children out of four to the cause of nation and society. He encouraged his younger sister Ms. Kumareswari to get into Civil services to serve under -developed part of the country, especially North Eastern states and Jammu and Kashmir. Unfortunately he passed away due to renal failure in 2001.
Mr P.Lingaraj
While preparing for civil service Ms. Kumareswari saw the suffering of visionary students from economically weaker section to get good education for their civil service preparation due to indebtedness. So she has started educating them informally since 2004.
Being inspired by his brother and swami Vivekananda’s sayings
If I get 500 motivated men, it will take me 50 years to transform India. If I get 50 motivated women it may take only a few years.
So long as the millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every person a traitor who, having been educated at their expense: pays not the least heed to them !
She started P.L.Raj Memorial study circle in 2006. She trained youngsters to central and state service with the thought of uplifting country and bring equality in the society.
She worked with NGO for the cause of women and neglected children. While working as a chief editor of youth India she wrote many articles about national and international issues. She was also free lancer for many magazines.
After she entered the government service, Institution is continued to be run by the family members and the students who are inspired by thoughts of nation building with honorary guidance of Ms. Kumareswari.